EKA University of Applied Sciences and Marmara Group forge educational partnership with Scholarship Program

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EKA University of Applied Sciences and Marmara Group have embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration, introducing a historical scholarship program designed to make quality education more accessible. Under this initiative, the program offers significant incentives for prospective bachelor’s degree students, aiming to foster academic excellence and international collaboration.

The scholarship program extends a warm welcome to students by waiving the tuition fee entirely for the first year of their bachelor’s degree. This initiative reflects the commitment of EKA University and Marmara Group to support aspiring students in the initial stages of their academic journey. Additionally, the program offers the following discounts:

5 students – 100% Tuition Fee Waiver for the First Year

10 students – 50% Discount

20 students – 20% Discount

It’s noteworthy that the first-year 20% discount can be omitted if a more tailored scholarship structure is preferred. This flexibility allows for a personalized approach, ensuring that the scholarship program aligns seamlessly with the diverse needs of students.

Student Life in Latvia

Latvia, with its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, provides an enriching backdrop for student life. The capital city, Riga, is known for its historic architecture, diverse events, and welcoming atmosphere. Students in Latvia often find themselves immersed in a dynamic community, embracing both academic challenges and cultural experiences.

About EKA University of Applied Sciences

EKA University of Applied Sciences, situated in Latvia, is a distinguished institution committed to providing practical, industry-relevant education. With a focus on applied sciences, EKA equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields. The university’s commitment to innovation and excellence aligns seamlessly with the goals of the scholarship program.

About Marmara Group

Marmara Group, a leading study abroad company based in Azerbaijan, is renowned for its expertise in guiding students towards international educational opportunities. With a mission to facilitate seamless transitions, Marmara Group plays a pivotal role in connecting aspiring Azerbaijani students with quality educational institutions worldwide. The partnership with EKA University exemplifies Marmara Group’s dedication to fostering educational initiatives that make a lasting impact.

The collaborative effort between EKA University of Applied Sciences and Marmara Group sets a new standard for educational partnerships, providing tangible support to bachelor’s degree aspirants through a thoughtfully designed scholarship program. As students embark on their academic journey in Latvia, they not only benefit from the scholarship opportunities but also experience a vibrant and inclusive student life, enriched by the cultural tapestry of this European gem.

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